Monday, November 30, 2009

More on comments...

Okay, so after I made the adjustment to comments, it took me a few tries to get one posted.

When you click on Comments at the respective blog entry, you then need to select a profile under Comment as: (I recommend Name/URL unless you have another profile to use). Type in your name (you may leave URL space blank). Write your comment and select Post Comment button. At this time, you will be asked for a word verification. Type the word and your comment should be posted!

Email me at if you have questions.

UPDATE: A good friend has pointed out that if you write your comment and select Preview (instead of Post Comment), the word verification will appear and you can then select Post Comment. This approach may eliminate the error message that occasionally appears. Thanks Parker!

My justification

Several family members have asked me about the over/under being 9 pounds.

I chose 9 pounds for several reasons:
  1. That is BIG.
  2. Jennifer is scheduled to have a c-section 7-9 days prior to her original due date (there is a 2-day discrepancy).
  3. Babies gain about an ounce a day during that last week or so.
Jennifer indicated that the wager should be over/under 9.5 pounds (9 pounds and 8 ounces). If you subtract an ounce per day, then you are around 9 pounds!

If you don't like that wager, then how about when Connor X Thompson will be born (Jennifer is scheduled for a c-section on December 16, 2009).

Open for comments!

It was brought to my attention that the comment function was not working properly. That has now been fixed. All can comment. Feel free to leave your name. The original (default) setting was for registered users only.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updated odds

The over/under for Connor's birth weight is 9 pounds:

80% - Over
20% - Under

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Place your bets!

Jennifer went to the doctor today.

Connor "X" Thompson is showing signs of being a BIG BOY. Pick your over/under. The weight is 9 pounds. For full disclosure, Erin was 9 pounds and 11 ounces.

Jennifer is picking under. I picked over.

Current bets:
Over - 50%
Under - 50%


We are solicting names. Currently, we like Connor, a good Irish first name. Please share any good middle names you so desire.

Thanks for your input!

What this blog is all about?

This blog is for family and friends to get updates about how a small, but growing family in Lubbock, Texas is doing/surviving!

We are the Thompson's! I am Mark, one of the authors of this blog. My wife, Jennifer, the coordinator of the family, ruler of the roost, and several other names that I cannot publicly share. Then, there is the Princess, Erin Mackenzie. She is 5, but don't let that surprise you. She is always ready to tell you...starting at 5:30 in the morning!

And then there is one more...he, yes, he is expected December 16, 2009!